Our Ethos

Diversity and Inclusion

A policy of diversity and inclusion is at the heart of Focus’ business ethos. As an organisation, we seek to work with companies whose diversity policies align with our own in as much as they recognise the value that having a more diverse workforce provides. We are extremely fortunate to live in a wonderfully diverse society, with so many talented individuals from all walks of life. These talents must be showcased in the workplace, at all levels, in all industries.

More than


of FTSE 100 companies have all white boards of directors



of FTSE 250 directorships are held by women



adults in the UK have a disability, with only 3.5 million in work.


The world Economic Forum predicts the gender pay gap will not close until 2095

In reality this begins with the provision of equal opportunity for all nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act (2010), including race, ethnicity and gender. This also means helping our clients to pursue more diverse recruitment strategies in line with local and national demographics.

We cannot stress enough the value we place on inclusion for all. This is not a tag line or fashionable statement – it is something we believe in strongly and for good reason.

To learn more about our commitment in this space, speak to our Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Milton Miller.