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Having the right people is paramount - not just for you, but for us also

Each of our team is here for the same reason – to make a lasting impact on peoples’ lives.
We want to understand your journey so they can begin adding value to it.

Charles Walker

CEO, Founder & Financial Services Industry recruitment Specialist

Sincerity, trust, integrity and a cracking sense of humour has found me my niche in this world. Recruitment comes naturally to me because it’s all about ‘we’ and not ‘me’. I believe we should always leave our best legacy in life and my relationships are mine. Get in touch 

Martin Hynes

Operations Director | legal & Finance


A true masterpiece is made up of perfectly situated parts that work together seamlessly. Here at Focus we all play our part in the vision and also the outcome. I play both an operational and people-centric role – the operational glue! Get in touch 

Vanessa Walker

Finance Manager

Meet Vanessa Walker, our finance whiz! With 20 years of experience, she brings a friendly flair to finance. From crunching numbers to crafting strategic financial plans, she excels in navigating the complexities of fiscal management with finesse.

Jaiden Walker

Recruitment Manager – Mortgage Intermediary – Income Protection and Employee Benefits 

I’m a dynamo. I’ll listen, advise and also make sure you know exactly what the next steps are. We are all here to be the best we can be and to ensure others are realising their goals too. What do they say, life isn’t a rehersalGet in touch   

Tom Roberts

Senior Recruitment Manager – Wealth Distribution 

The energy behind wealth distribution (and we mean ENERGY!) intertwining his direct sales experience with his ex-World/European martial arts champ discipline.  “I’m in it to win it!” Get in touch 

Keelan Walker

Recruitment Manager – Wealth Operations 

Keen and eager to make your needs as an individual my priority. Going above and beyond your expectations with a happy go lucky attitude. Get in touch   

Zak Copeland

Senior Recruitment Manager – Legal



I have had the privilege of working with both international and domestic clients. My passion lies in uncovering every detail about a candidate or client, ensuring that the relationships I help forge are strong and enduring. I believe in creating connections where everyone can grow together, fostering environments where both clients and candidates can thrive. My commitment is to understand your needs deeply and to match you with the perfect opportunities to help you achieve lasting success.


Kelly McCann

Business Support and Office Manager 


I have a business support magic wand! Nothing stands in my way when it comes to business critical support. I don’t flap, I just get the job done! Always here to help with a huge smile and the best laugh! Get in touch   



Mark Robinson

Head of Resourcing   


With a 12-year record of global recruitment success, Mark’s precision-driven leadership elevates teams. Expert in intelligent search, social recruitment and team growth. A commerce graduate, passionate motorcyclist and a travel enthusiast.