We are Focus

Meet the Team

Having the right people is paramount - not just for you but for us also
Each of our consultants are here for the same reason; to make a lasting impact on peoples’ lives. Our specially selected team want to understand your journey so they can begin adding value to it.
Charles Walker

Founder – Employee Benefits and Insurance

Sincerity, trust, integrity and a cracking sense of humour has found me my niche in this world. Recruitment comes naturally to me because it’s all about ‘we’ and not ‘me’. I believe we should always leave our best legacy in life and my relationships are mine.

Ross O'Loughlin
Associate Director – Wealth Intermediary

With over 12 years in the industry, there’s not much I haven’t seen, a horror story I haven’t heard. We are different, I am different. Everything in my life has led me to recruitment, from the football pitch to being a Dad – it’s about relationships and going that extra mile.

Keelan Walker

Consultant – Talent Attraction

Keen and eager to make your needs as an individual my priority. Going above and beyond your expectations with a happy go lucky attitude.

Paula Johnson-Doig

Consultant – Payment Solutions, Fintech and Cyber

That feeling when you’ve not spoken to a great friend in a while but then you do…that’s what I try to give people each and every time we speak. I want you to feel empowered, guided and most of all, understood. We’ll face the challenge together and make it simple. Always at hand to listen, laugh and advise.

Lewis Baughan

Consultant – Talent Attraction

I am here to add value to your career, not the other way around. Therefore, any problems you face, we face. Any questions you have, I find the answer. A strong relationship is the key to recruiting, and that’s what I strive to achieve.

Martin Hynes

Operations Director – Legal and Operations

A true masterpiece is made up of perfectly situated parts that work together seamlessly. Here at Focus we all play our part in the vision and also the outcome. I play both an operational and people-centric role – the operational glue!

Kelly McCann

Business Support Manager – Wealth Infrastructure

I have a business support magic wand! Nothing stands in my way when it comes to business critical support. I don’t flap, I just get the job done! Always here to help with a huge smile and the best laugh!

Jaiden Walker

Consultant – Property Finance

I’m a dynamo. I’ll listen, advise and also make sure you know exactly what the next steps are. We are all here to be the best we can be and to ensure others are realising their goals too. What do they say, life isn’t a rehersal?

Vanessa Walker

Finance Director

We are a small yet effective Team and I happily support everyone in their role, as well as the business. If there’s a complicated invoice to unravel or someone needs a complex equation solving in seconds – I’m there to save the day. Where’s my cape? They say home is where the heart is but it’s also at work!

Milton Miller

Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador

Milton has more than 30 years’ experience of creating, developing, executing and critically evaluating, executive and operational corporate communications strategies, plans and campaigns. Milton now provides executive communication advice and assistance to organisations, including Focus.