Focus was founded in 2003 by Charles Walker. Soon after, the business established itself as a niche financial services industry specialist in search consultancy. Since then our market penetration has grown significantly. But while operating in many more sectors, Focus has not forgotten its roots. The things that helped us survive a recession, a variety of industry changes and the growth of internal attraction teams are the strength of our service and the quality of our relationships.

Focus enjoys a unique working environment, one of family orientation. Our identity as a company is based solely around our family values, which in turn drives our purpose:

Providing a transparent service supporting our stakeholders to fulfil their business and career aspirations with the highest degree of knowledge, integrity and empathy.

The content of our homepage is not wishful thinking. These are not slogans uttered to merely entice would-be candidates and clients to our doorstep. We truly believe in our principles and aim to ensure that you believe in them too.