5 recruiting mistakes that may be adding to resignations

When there is a talent shortage, you have to be extra careful in your approach to hiring. Whether you call it the Great Resignation or the Great Reset, recruiters are busy these days. An unprecedented number of quits have created an unprecedented number of vacancies that need to be filled. But your company’s recruiting methods could be […]

The end of the ‘accidental landlord’? Small-time buy-to-let owners are disappearing as corporate investors swoop in, industry body suggests

Small-scale landlords are selling to benefit from high house prices But portfolio landlords are weathering the storm and still buying new properties Some 47,400 new buy-to-let companies were incorporated last year  Corporate investors such as pension funds and insurance firms are also buying Small-time landlords are increasingly giving way to portfolio investors and large corporate […]

County Cup Final Day for Deeping Rangers U18’s

Today marks the final chapter of the book for Deeping Rangers U18’s. Many players in this group have played together since they first began football as young boys and have achieved so much during that time. How better to cap it off than with a County Cup Final. Anyone that knows the power of sport […]

UK benefits and pensions: what’s changing?

Pensions and most state benefits go up by 3.1% on 11 April – but bills are rising far faster, and inflation is predicted to top 8.4% UK benefits plunge to lowest value in 50 years Richard Partington: Sunak must at the very least raise benefits Why are benefits and pensions changing today? On 11 April […]

Recruiting is now a race for talent. Software companies hope to help HR keep up.

Given the chaos that has hit the job market over the last two years, speed is paramount when trying to find talent. Cloud vendors like Jobvite and Oracle are using AI, machine learning and automation to help companies snag top candidates. More than ever, following the shift to remote work spurred by the pandemic and […]

The ‘Great Resignation’ Is Your Company’s Culture Wake-Up Call

Mohammad Anwar is President and CEO of Softway and co-author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller “Love as a Business Strategy. If you’re a business leader, you’re already well aware that something is happening in the workforce. Whether we call it the “Great Resignation,” the “Great Disengagement” or another moniker, the facts remain the same: Employees are […]

Great Resignation or Great Regret ??

Turns out the Great Resignation may be followed by the Great Regret Employers across the US have been dealing with a historic shift in labor thanks to the pandemic. We know it as the Great Resignation, and the pundits have been falling over themselves to explain to us why employers are at fault. Now it […]

Students in England to pay back loans over 40 years instead of 30

Change will see many paying for their degree until retirement in what has been called a ‘lifelong graduate tax’ Students in England will have to pay back university loans over 40 years instead of 30 under swingeing reforms designed to save the Treasury tens of billions of pounds. The number of students expected to pay […]

Empathy Is The Most Important Leadership Skill According To Research

Empathy has always been a critical skill for leaders, but it is taking on a new level of meaning and priority. Far from a soft approach it can drive significant business results. You always knew demonstrating empathy is positive for people, but new research demonstrates its importance for everything from innovation to retention. Great leadership […]