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Client Solutions

As a client, we understand that your business relies on talent. Talent that is not always easy to find. We pride ourselves on completing all assignments from the routine to the rarest of needles in the haystack. Our extensive network and sheer dogged determination means that no task is too small or too large. Our recent investment in cutting edge recruitment software, means that Focus now employs the most advanced AI and machine learning tools in the market, fulfilling your needs as efficiently as possible.


Back & forth correspondence saved.


Hiring timeline cut by 41%.

Data is

9 Times

more accurate and actionable, sourced from 355 different data platforms.

Real Time Updates

for both Clients and Candidates

Focus also provides a dedicated industry and assignment specialist in order to keep you fully appraised of our search process. As our values and ethos suggest, our relationship with you is paramount, meaning that we will go the extra mile to fulfil your requirements so that we become your trusted partner of choice. But valuing you also requires that we understand you and your business. We take the time to ensure that we know exactly what you want and indeed who you want in order to best serve you.

We operate as a small business in a large scale world and never forget what made us who we are. Each partner should know and believe in this sentiment not from our words, but from our actions alone.